Devia 1m (240W, 40GB/s & 8K 60hz) USB-C to USB-C Aluminium Alloy Cable Black


Connect your devices with the Devia – 1m (240W, 40GB/s & 8K 60hz) Power Delivery – USB-C to USB-C Aluminium Alloy Cable. This cable is designed to provide fast and reliable data transfer, charging, and audio-video transmission with USB-C devices. Whether you want to sync your files, charge your laptop, or watch 8K videos, you can do it all with this cable.



The cable has a USB-C connector on both ends, which is compatible with most devices that have a USB-C port. You can use this cable to connect your smartphone, tablet, laptop, monitor, TV, and more.


Data Transfer

The cable supports a data transfer speed of up to 40Gbps, which is 8 times faster than USB 3.0. You can transfer large files, such as photos, videos, and documents, in seconds.



The cable supports a power delivery of up to 240W, which can charge your devices quickly and safely. You can use this cable to charge your laptop, smartphone, tablet, and more.


Audio-Video Transmission

The cable supports an audio-video transmission of up to 8K 60Hz, which can deliver stunning and smooth visuals. You can use this cable to watch 8K videos, play games, or stream content on your monitor, TV, or projector.


Aluminium Alloy + Braided Nylon

The cable is made of high-quality materials, such as aluminium alloy and braided nylon, which are durable and resistant to wear and tear. The cable also has a sleek and elegant design, which matches your devices.


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