Devia 2m 60W USB-C to USB-C Cable White


Guaranteed 50% charge in 30 minutes charged for all USB-C devices (This cable can only provide this result along with using the Power Delivery Plug)


Power Delivery

Use this cable with your USB-C Power Delivery charger.

Staying Power

Lasts 30× longer than ordinary cables. Proven in a laboratory environment to withstand 30,000 bends.

With this USB C to USB C cable, you can not only use a PD Power Adapter but also the mobile power supply to recharge your iPhone. It’s worth mentioning that it also supports fast charge and data transfer your USB-C Device from a USB-C laptop or desktop directly. And the data transfer rates up to 480Mbps, 1G large files will be finished in 25s. Perfect choice to take advantage of fast charging with existing USB-C PD charger for your newest USB-C devices.


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